During the Biennial of Possible Image , MUTANTX will breathe a collective, polyphonic life into this enormous, abandoned complex of glass and concrete. This laboratory of combined and complementary energies will also be expressed through a program of events that will punctuate the life of the Biennial. 


In addition to the numerous activities open to schools and the general public, a series of performances, installation activations, meetings with artists, workshops, debates and screenings will be offered within the OpenLab with the aim of encouraging encounters, the crossing of trajectories and the birth of new dynamics. The public is invited to bring this space to life, to be or become MUTANTX and to question its role in the profound transition of the city and, more broadly, of the world.

A program of artistic residencies and hosting of groups of Belgian and international art students will also be carried out in collaboration with several academies, artist-run spaces and recognized residencies in Belgium and the Greater Region.

The results of the workshops will be unveiled in ephemeral exhibitions within the OpenLab (former children’s library).

As part of the residency program, a round-table discussion will also be organized to discover how the partner structures work, and to reflect collectively on the need for creative and research spaces for artists in a city undergoing change.

Artists’ and photographic books, as well as the work of specialized publishers and booksellers, will be honored during a special weekend on May 17, 18 and 19.

Last but not least, MUTANTX will also be a place of celebration, with the ephemeral club diXmute. Stay tuned for the daytime and evening program!


Program under development