Friday 05 April, 22:00
Saturday 06 April, 04:00
Aperçu de l'événement - DIXMUTE – EXCURSION

Excursion w/ Islas & Karla Böhm (at DiXmute)


Date : 5/04 – 22h

Location: Quai Paul Van Hoegaarden, 2, 4000, Liège

Price: 8€ < 00:00 < 10€

Length : 4h


Hi friends! It’s time to mark your calendars: in less than two weeks, we’re opening the doors to our temporary sanctuary again on Friday, April 5th. On this occasion, we’re honored to invite ISLAS!

To ensure the party lasts forever and remains positive, we must insist once again: Dixmute is part of a fragile ecosystem. To preserve it, please be mindful of the neighbors and don’t leave any mess behind. These rules are crucial to the survival of this project. While the cat’s away, the mice will play! See you on the dancefloor.


Reminder for those who missed it: Dixmute is a temporary club, created by Excursion in a former media library, open to all, where music resonates at the very core of the human experience. It is a space where dance, listening, encounters, and connections naturally intertwine. For just three months, this venue that welcomed music enthusiasts from the Cité Ardente from 1976 to 2020 is rising from its ashes, bringing joy to music enthusiasts!

Islas (Planet)
Karla Böhm (Planet/Sous:Sol)

LGBTQIA+ friendly
No form of violence, racism, sexism or any other form of discrimination has any place at Excursion’s events. Do not hesitate to report any problems to the staff!