Performance – Werner Moron & Erno le Mentholé

Sunday 19 May, 16:00 - 17:00
Aperçu de l'événement - Performance – Werner Moron & Erno le Mentholé

Werner Moron accompanied by Erno le Mentholé



Sunday, May 19 from 4pm


As part of the Gros Week-End du Livre, Werner Moron offers a performance reading, accompanied by the music of Erno le Mentholé.

This unique moment will see the artist activate the room of his alter ego, Boram, within his spectacular installation in the MUTANTX exhibition.

The performance begins at 4pm, at the end of the guided tour. Its duration is indeterminate. The public can enter and leave during the action.

Free admission with exhibition ticket

In the MUTANTX exhibition (Zone 3)

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