Clara Thomine – Caméra Blanche – Performance

Sunday 14 April, 16:00 - 16:45
Aperçu de l'événement - Clara Thomine – Caméra Blanche – Performance

Date : 14th April – From 4 pm

Lieu : BIP – MUTANTX – Ancienne bibliothèque des Chiroux – Quai Van Hoegaerden 2, 4000 Liège

Tarif : Free with an exhibition ticket

Durée : +/- 35 min


In her performance, Clara Thomine presents the famous “White Camera”. After a great deal of research, based on old technologies that have been surprisingly forgotten today, she will explain the workings and possibilities of this extraordinary device, which allows us to capture images with great precision and, above all, moving accuracy.


In the accompanying installation, Clara Thomine offers us a hybrid space, halfway between travel agency, playground for the unrepentant selfie-takers that we are, artist’s studio and souvenir store. With her “advertising” images, she questions the meaning of the selfies and forced smiles we post on social networks. In her films, she tells stories of today, in the future tense. In doing so, she makes no pretense of announcing disasters or of being a prophet of doom. She is content to play with the unthinkable, which we avert our eyes from, with the appalling feeling that haunts our times: the world as it is is unlikely to be able to continue on the same path for much longer. His work consists in blurring reference points, mixing the forms usually taken by past, present and future, combining memory and anticipation. And these shifts often give rise to the possibility of laughter, poetic space and, why not, reflection.