Loïs Soleil


  • Oeuvre - Loïs Soleil
    Gif Poems - 2021 - Screenshot, animated gif, selfportrait and autobiographical poetry
  • Oeuvre - Loïs Soleil
    Tinder Robot - 2022 - Installation multimédia

Through digital art, performance, installation, poetry and sound, Loïs Soleil‘s practice aims to bridge the emotional and the political by posing intersectional cyber/techno-feminist questions. Her work confronts the everyday sexist structures of the web, its biased algorithms, codes, culture and languages. She explores the links between vulnerability, pop culture, voyeurism and desire, and often uses self-portraits/selfies, the leitmotif of the bedroom, extime, relationships (irl or online) and poetry to illustrate a female gaze through which sexuality, love, “hyper intimacy”, and empowerment can be expressed.

Tinder_gun_boys_@Brussels_ was created following my collection of screenshots of heterosexual men proudly posing with guns on the dating app Tinder. The installation consists of tatami mats with covers personalized with hundreds of these screenshots. To continue adding to the collection, I developed an artificial intelligence to detect weapons and a robot swiping on Tinder.
Subsequently, a feminist self-defense class took place on these tatami mats, to create an abstract video, incorporated into the installation. In addition, with the help of lawyers compiling the legal questions raised by this work, while interrogating artificial intelligences for legal advice, a video entitled “how not to get sued as an artist” was born.”


Gif movie_fboy poem mixes contemporary self-portraits, female gaze, an autobiographical poem about fuckboys, and pop culture symbols.

Fuckboys are the inventors of ghosting: they lie to womxn in order to seduce them and then disappear without a trace once they’ve got what they wanted…