Jonathan De Winter


  • Oeuvre - Jonathan De Winter
    Table des pratiques - 2023 - Douglas wood, 400×400×110cm


Graduating in 2007 from the ERG (École de Recherches Graphiques), Jonathan De Winter is a committed and prolific artist who has been exhibiting his sculptures, montages and sound devices for some fifteen years.

As dedicated teacher, Jonathan De Winter passes on his knowledge of sculpture and and multi-disciplinary practices at the Saint-Luc School of Higher Arts in Liège. Liège, never hesitating to offer ambitious projects to his students.

Table des pratiques – 2023

Jonathan de Winter collects essences of both natural and industrial materials which he fits together, suspends and transforms. These sculpted bodies, imposing and muted carnal brutality. Beyond sculpture, the artist transforms spaces sometimes welcoming, sometimes threatening. Turning the question of design back to artisanal know-how, he uses simple, precise gestures to create tools (a gouge, a knife, an axe) to question the creation of an infinite form. infinite form. From an economy of means, he magnifies the aesthetic force and aura of a material. of a material.


Jonathan De Winter’s work is presented in collaboration with the Centre wallon d’art contemporain, La Châtaigneraie, Flémalle (BE).