Jérôme Degive & Manuel Falcata


  • Oeuvre - Jérôme Degive & Manuel Falcata
    Natura naturata - 2024 - In-situ Installation

We’ve been working together since the early 2000s, in various forms, and as a duo since 2021. Initially, there’s the pooling of questions and plastic research, without predefining a purely collective line of work. Everyone brings their own desires, questions and discoveries.

The core of our attention are objects (taken, gleaned, found, chosen) around which we revolve, for which we seek (together) to justify something, or which we try to duplicate or copy or simply improve (according to utterly personal parameters). These objects (of our attention) are of different natures (it’s precisely the encounter and the polysemy that interests us), fluctuating according to our attention or by rebound following a discovery.

We share a fondness for the human sciences and the physical/spatial devices by which they are evoked officially – in museums, for example – or more humbly by amateurs of all disciplines. To contextualize a research sequence, we talk, draw and manipulate materials. By iteration, verbal and plastic languages generate a history, a narrative, justify a posteriori or simply create a bond (not necessarily a link) between different units. This back-and-forth, this stuttering, also generates material: waste, scraps or prototypes that are often reintroduced in a subsequent cycle.

Natura naturata – 2024

Natura naturata represents a project to recontextualize a series of functional objects (furniture) that came to light during a visit to the moving library. These objects, so far alienated from their utilitarian condition, are dislodged by relocation, manipulation and articulation. They become the subjects of our attention.