Jan Duerinck


  • Oeuvre - Jan Duerinck
    No wing mirror - 2023 - Acrylic on canvas, 80 x 90cm
  • Oeuvre - Jan Duerinck
    Untitled ({) - 2022 - Installation In-situ, plaster, jutte, 45 x 180cm, Les Brasseurs Liège
  • Oeuvre - Jan Duerinck
    Six hairpins in a plane, repeated eight times - 2020 - plaster, jutte, 360 x 110cm, Cas-co, Louvain

 In a practice that spans sculpture, painting, objects and others, Jan Duerinck  investigates how images, objects and forms as signifiers carry and generate meaning in different contexts.

“Jan Duerinck mediates meaning in different materialities. When objects are stripped of their obvious functionality, they ask to be placed in context anew. Banality thus becomes the subject of reflection. Nothing just is, or is only what it is.

When things carry meaning; The world is readily available. Its materials are shaped by human desire. Things carry the meaning of the actions that they enable. Their functions are the shapes through which we desire to model reality.

When materiality carries desire; The world that was readily available, fills up with objects of desire. Functions become hidden behind the meaning that I assign to things. Shapes and materialities become entangled in a play of supporting subjective experience. In the reality that we seem to shape, objects carry individual truths.

When an object carries experience; The reality of that truth is an uncertainty. When objects carry an experience of others, their meaning takes root in a network. Functionalities become carriers of ideologies, materialities those of norms. As symbols, objects carry out meaning, control desires and actions that attempt to shape a world. They carry the experience of what merely appears as reality.”


Text  by Gerlinde Van Puymbroeck