Chloé Malcotti


  • Oeuvre - Chloé Malcotti
    Another Town, Another Train - 2021 - video stills, Video installation
  • Oeuvre - Chloé Malcotti
    Another Town, Another Train - 2021 - video stills, Video installation

Chloé Malcotti lives and works in Brussels. Her artistic practice lies between the visual arts and cinema, and she teaches videography at the ERG (Ecole de recherche graphique). She founded hypernuit and is co-creator of the Blue Screen curatorial project in Brussels.

Another Town, Another Train – 2021

Fatoumata, Sacha, Bamby, Djibril, Mathilde, Nour, Farah and Rodney, live in Seraing, a small town in Belgium, heavily affected by the metallurgical industry that has occupied the place for over a century. They have superpowers, and they use them to defeat zombies, to overcome their fears, and to imagine other possible narratives for this particular place. This film was made as part of the EUROPALIA Festival, whose theme and title was TRAINS & TRACKS. To respond to this commission, I went to the town of Seraing, where the first Belgian trains were built. I met Fatoumata, Sacha, Bambi, Djibril, Mathilde, Nour, Farah and Rodney. We started drawing and writing a film together. The images, words and voices of Another Town, Another Train are the result of this encounter.


With : Djibril Diane, Bamby Diane , Farah Benabid, Fatoumata Cammara, Mathilde Noudanou, Nour Benabid, Rodney Halde, Sacha Bourguignon 

Camera : Nastasja Saerens  

Image editing : Chloé Malcotti, Rudi Maerten 

Sound recording and editing : Hélène Clerc-Denizot 

Sound mix : Rémi Gérard 

Color grading : Sylvain Lange 

Artistic advisor : Olivier Burlet  

Special effects : Manu Talbot 

Animation : Amir Borenstein 

Sound effects : Elias Vervecken 

Sound effects recording : Jonathan Vanneste 

Titles : D-E-A-L 

Subtitles : Pulse translations 

This project has been made in collaboration with the AMO La Débrouille of Seraing, and in particular with Pascal Rizzo. With the material support of the CBA, the AJC, and the Atelier Graphoui.

This project has been commissioned by EUROPALIA TRAINS AND TRACKS, 2021, curation Caroline Dumalin,  and coproduce by Hypernuit.