Monday 25 March, 13:30
Monday 25 March, 14:20

For school groups

Date and time : Monday, March 25 – 1.30pm to 2.20pm

Venue: Performance hall Chiroux – Place des carmes 8, 4000 Liège

Ticket prices : €6 per student

Duration : 50 min

As part of Mix’âges

Alone on stage, the actress and storyteller Mélancolie tells tales that destabilize preconceived ideas about men and women and break down gender barriers.


Once a month since Aurore was born, her parents have offered a drink in their bar in exchange for a story. They hope that one day someone will tell three lies that are also… three truths! Aurore senses that something important is being kept from her. Her fate is mysteriously linked to a strange golden cauldron standing in the fireplace. But what secret is eating away at her parents? Why does the fact that she was born a girl make them so anxious?

And then there’s the hunter, a very disturbing bistro customer, who constantly proclaims to the assembly that a woman is not the equal of a man. Aurore and her parents try to prove him wrong. To no avail. Until nature – his nature – decides otherwise for him… Will he finally hold the key to the enigma that will lift the cauldron’s curse?

From transformation to metamorphosis, the hunter will experience astonishing maternity in different skins, which, over the years, will make him aware of his nature: at once man, woman and even animal… a whole being; a whole creature. Filled with this discovery, he will be able to return to the Inn of the Cursed Cauldron at peace, and lift the curse of the Cauldron that prevented the young girl Aurore from becoming a young woman and experiencing… Love!

The idea here is not to defend the feminine at all costs, but to destabilize preconceived ideas about men and women, to break down barriers between genders, and to tacitly evoke homosexuality. And all this to help us accept our feminine and masculine sides, and make ourselves more whole. Et toi tu Même? is a show about equal rights, an ode to self-love and the love of others.

This show is the main theme of trAjet, a school project involving the performing arts and children’s literature for P5 and P6 classes, organized by Ilo citoyen and the libraries of Liège.

Performance: Mélancolie MOTTE
Text: Mélancolie MOTTE
Dramaturgy: Pierre DELYE
Artistic accompaniment: Julie NAYER and Alberto GARCÌA SÀNCHEZ
Set in motion: Florence AUGENDRE
Lighting design: Julien VERNAY
Sound design: Julien VERNAY
Distribution agency: Clair de Lune
Photo : Dries MEDDENS

Mélancolie Motte isn’t a storyteller, she’s a snake charmer. In the role of the hypnotized cobra? We, the audience. The artist doesn’t even have to wedge us into a basket or get out her pungi. Her voice and stage presence are enough to mesmerize us on the spot. […]
Catherine Makereel – Le Soir

She [Mélanie Motte] continues and deepens her work on gesture and body language, and sometimes it’s her gestures that tell us a story instead of words. The lighting design (including a skilful use of the shadows cast by the storyteller’s silhouette on the walls of the auditorium) is particularly successful, as is the sound design.
Cristina Marino – Le Monde

Running time : 50 min.

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