Puck Verkade


  • Oeuvre - Puck Verkade
    Plague - 2019 - [screenshot] single channel video installation, 04:51 min. looped HD projection, sound system, ‘french fries’ cardboard sculptures in various size approx. 244x45x45 cm, produced site specifically

Puck Verkade’s artistic practice revolves around  moving image, installation and drawing. With a sense of humor and a taste for the absurd, her videos and drawings open onto stories populated by disquieting, archetypal characters, imagined with a view to exposing the contradictions of human behavior. By approaching narratives through the sometimes comical personal struggles of her characters, Verkade explores the effects that prejudices about sex, gender and ethnicity have on both human beings and the planet. Puck Verkade is developing a video practice that moves from handcrafted stop motion to low-fi animation, from green screen to direct-to-camera performance, her fast-paced montages gives the sensation of a collage in motion; a dense juxtaposition of superimposed images and sounds that compose into a cartoon reality.

Plague – 2019

Placed in the middle of an installation made up of large cardboard French fries, the video Plague explores the concept of solastalgia, a feeling of distress caused by the consequences of climate crises. Told by a fly that fantasizes about the extermination of man, the surreal tale creates strange analogies between the exploited Earth and the tormented psyche. Presented as a collage of moving images and sounds, juxtaposing different modes of animation, the video succeeds in linking ecological and mental collapse.