Max Blotas


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    E-SPIRIT (red wine river) - 2021 - Multimedia installation: time capsule, red wine, miniature camera, LCD screens, chewing gum, organic compounds, pump, PVC wires and tubes, sensors, microcontroller, photo by Dexter Lander

Max Blotas is a visual artist with degrees from the Beaux-Arts de Paris and University College London. His visual work lies at the crossroads of sculpture, video and painting, which he combines in multimedia installations to reveal the lines of force at work between science and belief. His hybrid works, somewhere between poetry and autonomous mechanical devices, recreate motifs from contemporary or past mythologies to reveal their secret nature.


E-SPIRIT (red wine river), 2021

In e-spirit, red wine and Powerade (a caffeine-rich blue soda) are circulated via tubes inside capsules in which miniature biological ecosystems evolve.

These enclosed worlds, strange aquatic landscapes in motion, bathe in the beverages from which they draw the nutrients they need to thrive. Intravenously supplied with an uninterrupted flow of nutrients, these landscapes are kept out of the exhibition space by the capsule’s opaque membrane, which contains and protects their own system of representation.

The images filmed from inside recompose landscapes inspired by medieval tales. On their respective screen live pixelated visions of a chewing gum rose protected inside a jewel box, an underground cave from which a spring of wine gushes, a swamp from which the glow of a crystal emerges.