• Oeuvre - Marnie
    Amon nos autes - 2024 - Installation multimedia in situ

Marnie is an artist duo made up of filmmaker Simon David (CH) and visual artist Patxi Endara (BE). The two artists have been collaborating together since 2018 and decided to form a duo in April 2021 during the Atelier Alpin artistic residency organized by the Affluents collective in Hérémence (CH). Their first video installation Introduction to Marnie : Bateau Béton was exhibited in 2022 in the artist-run-space Cunst-Link temporarily installed in the Bortier gallery in Brussels. This video installation was also exhibited in the Saint-Nicolas church in Hérémence.

Amon nos autes, 2024

The Marnie Vol. II: Amon nos autes project brings together the two artists Patxi Endara and Simon David with their artistic duo Marnie. For this multimedia installation, Marnie tackles questions of destruction, reconstruction, unreality, the group and the individual through three serial pieces. The starting point is the floods in Belgium in July 2021. After research and location scouting, the duo focus on the emergence of a matriarchal society in a post-apocalyptic context. The videos are conceived as a journey to the heart of the event. Their brevity contrasts with the scale of the catastrophe, leaving plenty of room for the viewer’s imagination and projection. Marnie’s aim is less to deal with the floods as a disaster than to show the transformation of the people affected. The videos move back and forth between the individual and the group: the personal impact and the possibility of emancipation within the community. In the majority of these videos, it is women who testify or speak out. Their aim is to show the resilience and strength of character of many female figures.