Loïc Moons


  • Oeuvre - Loïc Moons
    Sans titre - 2023 - Oil on canvas, 160 x 140 cm, Galerie Nadja Vilenne
  • Oeuvre - Loïc Moons
    Vue d'atelier - 2023
  • Oeuvre - Loïc Moons
    Golden Boy - 2021 - Young Artist Vitrine , Les Brasseurs, Liège

Graduated from ÉSAVL (2017) in Visual and Spatial Arts, winner of the Emma du Cayla-Martin prize at L’Académie Royale de Belgique and collaborating with Nadja Vilenne gallery in Liège, 

Loïc Moons is a fan of anime, beautiful clothes and bicycles, and cultivates an image of uncluttered hype. A true adept of the genre, in his practice he collects images and references linked to Japanese pop culture. His canvases are saturated with graphic symbols, brimming with a brutal energy induced by the intuitive superimposition of colored textures and lightning-fast motifs.

Imposing and severe, humanoid silhouettes tower above us. Among them, robotic figures and other manga-esque characters are set in a chaotic universe of explosive, polychrome onomatopoeia.