Francesca Comune


  • Oeuvre - Francesca Comune
    Nord bridge Antwerp - 2021 - Black and white photography

Francesca Comune is a young photographer of Italian origin, born in Naples in 1997, currently based in Brussels. After several years working in the fashion industry in Milan, more specifically in the publishing sector, in 2018 she began studying photography at ARBA-ESA in Brussels. Winner of the Roger de Conynck Prize in 2021. After graduating with a Master’s degree in Plastic, Visual and Spatial Arts, she continues to develop her artistic practice, as well as several projects onnew forms of pedagogy within art schools and various collaborative works in the social and artistic fields. 


“My artistic work focuses on photography, theoretical research, writing, installation and publishing. My projectsthat sometimes question our Western society, sometimes my Neapolitan origins and my immediate surroundings. My preferred territories are shifting, unstable, generally marked by the energies linked to production, consumption and speed. My deepest desire is to track down what makes up trace and memory, in order to reveal the tensions at work in a territory.”