Disdagen (Debby Huysmans, Siska Vandecasteele, Marie Snauwaert)


  • Oeuvre - Disdagen (Debby Huysmans, Siska Vandecasteele, Marie Snauwaert)
DINSDAGEN, a nomadic collective of three photographers Debby Huysmans (BE, 1980), Siska Vandecasteele (BE, 1982) and Marie Snauwaert (BE, 1979).
DINSDAG, Tuesday is one of the seven days of the week. It is the day following Monday. The day after Tuesday is Wednesday. This is the logic the collective follows, the process of a project is as simple as that. One thing leads to another thing. Something cannot exist without its predecessor and needs a sequel to sustain, it coexists.

DINSDAGEN travels from place to place and interacts with the given space, focusing on the process of the project. At the end of the residency, the process is mapped out. This is not seen as an end point, but rather as a possible starting point for a new project. It offers the collective the opportunity to continue photographing and reflecting on the medium, to apply it in a specific space and to test it with an audience.