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    Adieu monde nouveau - 2024 - Installation in situ

Collectif éphémère of Cré for BIP 2024 with : Aymeric Dodeigne, Charlie Dessart, Théo Closset, Marie Blondiau, Michiel De Jaeger, Mary Kempinaire, Valerie Anciaux, Michel Petiniot, Maxime Mormont, Guillaume Paps, Isma Steppa


Adieu monde nouveau, 2024

“Adieu monde nouveau” is a hybrid art installation that dances on the edge of dreams.
This visual and sound proposition unveils itself as an immersive journey, exploring the transformation and mutation of the environment through the eyes of a collective of artists from Créahm Liège’s Digital Arts workshops.
The artists have collaborated to create a space where anything is possible, where imagination takes over. A cartography of an ever-changing cosmos, a place where the rules of reality merge with the desires of the mind. Plunge into the heart of this territory where creativity takes flight: a veritable adventure ground of metamorphoses, a labyrinth of your own thoughts. This work of art presents distinct perspectives, each integrated into a particular body, creating a coherent whole that celebrates diversity. Each unique vision unfolds in a play of sensations where reinvention is the key.

Adieu monde nouveau” is not simply an installation; it’s a multimedia device inviting the viewer to become the active protagonist of this experience. The device explores the fantasy of transformation, inviting spectators to rethink their relationship with reality while exploring universes that are often poetic, sometimes offbeat, but always abundant. Let yourself be carried away by the magic of  reinvention, and explore the many facets of Créahm artists’ imaginations.