Chantal van Rijt


  • Oeuvre - Chantal van Rijt
    Les Bestioles - 2023 - Installation
  • Oeuvre - Chantal van Rijt
    Tiny Tube-Dwellers - 2022 - Installation

A multi-disciplinary artist, Chantal van Rijt holds a Master’s degree in photography from KASK Gent. The artist’s practice is guided by experimentation. Like a contemporary alchemist, she delves into the material histories of plants, animals and other natural substances. Inspired by the search for possible histories and futures, she often takes a single point and lets it unravel into an extended landscape. Her exploration also extends to making visible what is often or, totally invisible to our eyes, or wilfully disregarded. Microscopic worlds to which she brings new attention, a new dimension.

She has pre­vious­ly exhi­bi­ted at BredaPhoto, 019, International Film Festival Rotterdam, SB34 and Museum M and was awarded the Mathilde Horlait-Dapsens prize in 2017 and the Mondriaan Fund for Young Talents in 2019.

In the former provincial library of Liège, Chantal van Rijt invites entities to come and make their dwelling in its forgotten offices. Within the silent corridors and dusty shelves, new species are taking root and spreading its tendrils. Drawing visitors into its embrace, who will be welcomed into the realm of the overlooked and the unwanted.