Aline Bouvy


  • Oeuvre - Aline Bouvy
    Insert Your Card - 2021 - Aluminium device, animation, sound (Freigeister Mudam)
  • Oeuvre - Aline Bouvy
    PUP - 2019 - Mixed media installation, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin (013_Aline Bouvy ...)

Aline Bouvy explores a wide range of media, including sculpture, drawing, photography and sound.

She questions our relationship to body and space, inviting us to new sensory experiences that are both seductive and repulsive. Here, the body becomes a medium. Between desire and empathy, forms and languages are revealed where it is difficult to conjure up an image or a word. While her works contain a strong sensory charge linked to identity and taboos, the history of bodies, both male and female, is summoned here in its latent and sexual, domestic, intimate and political relationship. (…)

By revisiting the slow utopian trajectory of a culture in the process of turning away from the dominant models of patriarchy and heteronormativity, the libido, freed from all morality and without judgment, deposes those bodies embodying the authority of a society that monitors and locks up our bodies. This exposure of the world under surveillance enables her to hijack both the aesthetic and political codes of power and domination in order to destabilize our reference points. (…) (biography by Marianne Derrien, courtesy of the artist)

For MUTANX, Aline Bouvy took over a vast compactus room (shelves on rails used to store books). The secluded, windowless space, emptied of its books, is transformed into a theme park or fairground attraction. Superimposed on the anxieties deliberately provoked by these places is another, psychological, more general form of anguish, that of an idealized world where historical events are problematically reinterpreted, where the false is presented as true, arousing a feeling of general melancholy, of a past that never existed.


Aline Bouvy’s artistic project is realized with the collaboration of  le Musée en Plein Air du Sart Tilman


With the support of Kultur⎢Lx, Art Council Luxembourg