Art au Centre

Thursday 08 February
Tuesday 30 April
Art au Centre

Art au Centre #14

Art au Centre is an art project with the aim of revitalizing the city center of Liège. The concept is to use the windows of empty shops to show projects of artists from Liège, Belgium and abroad.

Artists presented :

Acher, Hilal Aydogdu, Dora Benyo, Juan D’Oultremont, Gaspard Husson, Sarah Illouz & Marius Escande, Marin Kasimir, Sarah Lauwers, Alexiane Leroy, Raphael Maman, Eva Mancuso, Francisca Markus, Elodie Merland, Oya, Camille Peyré, Leila Pile, Ionut Popa, Louise Rauschenbach, Bo Stokkermans, Urban x Numeric x Transition, Paul Waak, Étudiants St-Luc (sculpture)

Exhibition spaces : 25 empty shop windows in the centre of Liège

Dates : 08/02/2024 – 30/04/2024

Opening hours : 24/7

Vernissage : 08/02/2024 – 18:00 (Place St-Léonard)