Maison Arc-en-Ciel de Liège #1

Friday 01 March
Friday 26 April
Maison Arc-en-Ciel de Liège  #1
©Laurent Henrion, Monolithe


Laurent Henrion

Describing himself as “a skinned, hypersensitive person”, the artist transmits to us through his images his doubts, his fears and his dreams. His work is particularly focused on the confrontation between Eros, love in all its forms, and Thanatos, the incarnation of death. Sometimes dark and disturbing, sometimes naive and dreamlike, his universe is inspired as much by fashion photography as by romantic painting, abstract art, sculpture and even Japanese prints. He exhibited his works in France and Belgium, notably alongside Jean Janssis in 2016, and won the Picto Prize for young fashion photography that same year. Most recently he exhibited in China in the collective and traveling exhibition Sight of Wind.

Exhibition space : Maison Arc-en-Ciel de Liège, rue Hors-Château, 7 – 4000 Liège

Dates : 01/03/2024 – 26/04/2024

Opening hours : Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, between 13:00 and 17:00

Vernissage : Friday 01/03/2024 – 18:00


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