Galerie Satellite #1

Thursday 08 February
Sunday 21 April
Galerie Satellite #1


Nina Robert

“00” is a photographic work by Nina Robert that chronologically brings together five years of memories between Maastricht, Ostend, Boulogne, Brussels, Charleroi, Glasgow, London and Liège, divided into four distinct parts: 01, 02, 03 and 04.

“My practice is obsessive and cathartic, an outlet for violence and for what I experience. I make space my own, transforming it and making it part of a narrative. The lines and surfaces take the form of gridded, structured and numbered territories.

My photographs, always in black and white, include portraits, towns, wastelands and abandoned buildings – places of refuge, dreams, transgression and escape. These are my friends, my family; no politics, just my side of the story. A journey between reality and loyalty – lots of tenderness and too few regrets.”


Artist presented : Nina Robert

Exhibition space : Galerie Satellite au Cinéma Churchill, rue du Mouton Blanc, 20, 4000 Liège

Dates : 08.02 – 21.04.24

Opening hours : Free admission every day of the year from 14:00 during Churchill opening hours.